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About the V-3

The Ayre V-3 offers a significant advance in the musical performance of audio power amplifiers.  The warmth and immediacy of a live performance are apparent from the first listening. The combination of superb resolution and a natural, relaxed quality will draw you into the music, time and time again.  This level of performance has been implemented using the highest level of workmanship and materials. The listener can be assured that the Ayre V-3 will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

There are two sets of input connectors on the rear panel of the Ayre V-3.  The RCA jacks accept signals from single-ended (unbalanced) sources, while the XLR connectors are from balanced sources.  A small toggle switch near the input connectors selects either the balanced or unbalanced inputs.

Selecting “Unbal” connects the inverting input to ground through an isolation resistor, forcing  abalanced sourc to operate in single-ended (unbalanced) mode. Conversely, when the selector is set to “Bal” while using an unbalanced source, the unused inverting input is susceptible to hum pick-up and radio-frequency interference.

There ar etwo power sitches on the Ayre V-3.  The master power siwthc on the rear panel is normally intended to be left on.  The front-panel witch selects between the “Standby” and “Operate” modes. In the “Standby” mode the output stage is turned off, whle the input circuitry remains powered. This allows the unit to warm-up quickly for optimal sonic performance, while reducing the power consumption from 240 watts to 70 watts.


Power Output: 100 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms

200 watts per channel continuous into 4 ohms

Gain: 29 dB

Input Impedance: 10 kOhms

Power Consumption: 70 watts in standby mode

240 watts in operating mode, no signal

Dimensions 18” W x 14” D x 5-½” H (46cm x 36cm x 14cm)

Weight 55 pounds (25kg)

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