Music Hall wcs-3



The WCS-3 is one incredibly stout and powerful vacuum record cleaner.


The WCS-3 is one incredibly stout and powerful vacuum record cleaner.

This stunning machine does a superb job cleaning your records. The interlocking alloy chassis is gorgeous to look at, easy to clean, and doesn’t warp or degrade like wood models.

The high powered vacuum system really sucks the muck out of the grooves and fully dries your record in one rotation. This saves time and reduces heat and static exposure to your records during the process.

The WCS-3 has a unique variable vacuum control that lets you control exactly how much or how little it sucks.

You can demo a selection of Music Hall products inside the shop the next time you’re in the Southern California area!

Music Hall, LLC was founded in April of 1985. They area company dedicated to manufacturing, importing, and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components.

Their emphasis is almost exclusively 2-channel (stereo), a rarity in this day of iPods and multi-channel products. Music Hall has grown over the years to become one of the pre-eminent distribution and manufacturing companies in the industry.

Music Hall manufactures its own range of turntables in the Czech Republic. These are produced in a factory that has been making turntables for over 50 years. All Music Hall turntables come fitted with arms, cartridges and dust covers. They consistently make the “Recommended Components” list in Stereophile Magazine.

Music hall electronics are developed and designed in the US and manufactured to strict specifications in Shenzhen, China. The range consists of integrated amps, CD players, receivers, phono amps and D/A converters.

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Weight25.3 lbs
Dimensions14.6 × 10.6 × 15 in
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