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Audio Element carries the most prestigious components for the experienced listener. Our customers receive a tailored experience during their search for the clearest and most alive representation of their favorite music. As experts in the Art of Setup, we provide our understanding of equipment, placement and voicing in order to achieve each client’s personal taste. Stop by our Pasadena showroom for a personalized experience and to hear the elements of music like never before.

Signature Brands

Highest Technology and Performance from top of the line brands

Listening Experience

One of our client’s favorite things to do is to schedule a listening room session so they can receive a truly immersive experience as they decide which system to purchase. We believe in test runs, but what we can provide is the ultimate listening experience to make the best decision for what you need.

The process

Step 1

Schedule a free consultation

Getting started can be the hardest part, but setting up an appointment with us is a breeze. Make an appointment through our website here, or just give us a call!

Step 1

Step 2


In an initial phone call, we’ll determine what gear you’re most interested in, as well as to make any other suggestions for recommended listening while you visit us. This helps us to determine what sets of equipment we can have ready for you on listening day, and gives us a chance to help discover your listening preferences.
Step 2

Step 3

Enter the listening room

On the day of your appointment, we like to give our Signature clients a small tour of the shop that usually starts with a trip to the espresso machine. We then head back to the private listening room where we begin our listening session. Feel free to bring any familiar pieces of music with you to help your listening experience. You should plan 1-2 hours for your listening session, and multiple sessions may be needed to fully audition your ideal equipment and configuration.
Step 3

Step 4

Decision Day

Once we’ve listened to all the pre-determined systems, we’ll help you choose the right system for your ears, your budget, and your home.
Step 4

Step 5

Delivery Day

Our team of experts will carefully install all products, take the time to do any necessary room-tuning, and show you how to work the system. After your equipment experiences some break-in time, a second visit from our team is sometimes necessary to fine tune the system and optimize any sound preferences. After that, you’ll be ready to rock and roll with a personally specialized Audio Element Signature system in your home for years to come!
Step 5

Signature Projects

A collection of our favorite setups

“I have worked with Brian and his team throughout this last year dramatically upgrading my audio system. Through it all, Brian, Ian and Eli were always honest, helpful, accommodating, professional and most of all, gave it to me straight as to whether a particular upgrade was really worth the cost or not. Something that is truly unusual in this world where making a sale is all that a salesman is concerned about. As a result, I can highly recommend Audio Element. They have fine gear, good advice and expertise, and always, professional installation.”
“If you value knowledge, integrity and patience, look no further than Audio-Element. The folks at Audio Element are brilliant; their insight of components and the latest technology is outstanding. All customers are treated equally, regardless of budget. I refer everyone looking for audio gear to Audio Element, for me there is no other.”
"There is a big difference between building a system and system synergy. I had bought hi-fi components from different dealers for several years before consulting with Audio Element. What struck me first about them is they did not try to up-sell like most other shops. The second thing that impressed me was their attention to component integration. They sold me products that worked best for my system as it was, and if I asked, they also helped me plan upgrade paths. Long story short, I’ve only done business with Audio Element ever since. During this time, they’ve helped me get the system I’d always wanted but would have never had the knowledge to put together on my own. This was done gradually, and only at my urging. They also helped me do it as economically as possible. For all these reasons, I consider Audio Element the best hi-fi dealer in Southern California."

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We are passionate about music! Our goal is to help you experience music like never before. With our expert setup and carefully chosen audio products, we can help you find your own audio element – your place where music inspires, excites and feeds your soul.

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