The best turntable set up in LA

To get the most out of your vinyl, first choose a quality turntable and cartridge. Then have the table and cartridge set properly by a professional!

An accurate turntable setup will outperform a poor setup of even the most expensive turntables every time.

Audio Element carries a wide selection of quality turntables starting at $249 and are available for audition in our Old Town Pasadena showroom.

Choose from one of our complete setups, or work with our team to achieve your preferred sound with table and cartridge pairing.


Our unique turntable bar features several tables to audition with a turn of a switch! Comparing just got that easy!

Phono Cartridges

The cartridge on your turntable matters! It can impact the sound quality and sound characteristics greatly. Each cartridge has its own unique sound and specification. Installing a new cartridge can bring life back to your turntable!

An old cartridge, in addition to sounding inaccurate, can ruin your records!

Audio Element carries a wide selection of quality phono cartridges starting at $75. Our team will help you achieve your desired sound with table and cartridge pairing.

Turntable Setup

Turntable setup requires expertise! Our experienced staff, trained by expert Brian Berdan, will set your turntable with accuracy like no other. Using proper tools and meters, the pitch, VTA (SRA), and tracking force are optimized for performance. This is all complimentary with purchase of turntables or cartridges.

Repair + Tune-ups

We play with audio equipment all day, so if you have a problem, we can fix it! Bring in your turntable in any condition and we will help you get the best sound from your existing system, or help you find the right options for your gear.

Complimentary Turntable Evaluation

Wondering if your current turntable could sound better? Bring it in! We will look at ANY turntable and advise you on its current condition and how to optimize its performance.

Audio Element Record Cleaning Station

We offer free record cleaning for our customers. Just purchase a bottle of cleaning solution and you will have access to our cleaning machines any time you like!

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