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If you’re passionate about music, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re a newcomer to Hi-Fi or a High-End Audio aficionado, Audio Element is your destination for the utmost in customer service, knowledge and quality audio products for your dream system.


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Wilson audio alexx v

Wilson Audio’s latest loudspeaker is around the corner and we are very excited to share with you every update.

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We know that choosing the right combination of audio products can be daunting. We’ve used our years of experience and curated music systems that pair great components together to make amazing systems at different budgets. Explore our systems or take the quiz below to see which system fits you best!

Why Audio Element

Turntable Bar

Audio Element is the Home of the Turntable Bar: a unique demo experience to audition many turntables that let you discover your perfect match.

Listening Room

Visit us in our Pasadena showroom and experience our systems in a specially designed listening room, helping you select the right system for your home.


As a second-generation company, we are founded on quality and excellence. After years of experience and flawless service, we've cultivated relationships with the most prestigious brands and their products.

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We are passionate about music! Our goal is to help you experience music like never before. With our expert setup and carefully chosen audio products, we can help you find your own audio element – your place where music inspires, excites and feeds your soul.

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