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Audio Element has curated several music systems with the essential elements for a complete, high fidelity stereo that plays both analog and digital music for the home.

Our Helium music system will lift you up into the world of hi-fi, without breaking the bank! Featuring the Rega Planar 1 turntable, digital streaming via the NAD D 3020 V2 amp, and the effortless precision of the Wharfedale Diamond speakers, you’ll feel as though you’re listening to your system from the clouds above. Rise up with the Helium.

Want to audition some of our curated music systems? Visit our Pasadena showroom for a one-of-a-kind listening experience!

Equipment rack and speaker stands sold separately.



Rega Planar 1

The new Planar 1 is Rega's latest entry-level offering into the world of high fidelity turntables and one of our most popular turntables at Audio Element.

Home of the Turntable Bar, you can audition Rega turntables in our Pasadena, CA location for a one-of-a-kind turntable listening experience.


Transparent Hardwired Speaker Cable

Sturdy, gold plated banana plugs prevent corrosion. Heavy, 14 AWG oxygen-free copper conductors stay pure for better dynamics while twisted pair construction cancels out noise.


Wharfedale Diamond 12.1

Still compact but with increased cabinet volume and driver size for even more potency, the Wharfedale DIAMOND 12.2 offers a little more from a traditional standmount (or bookshelf) speaker format and embodies the history and performance values of the Wharfedale DIAMOND series.

Perfect for larger rooms and more powerful 2-channel hi-fi systems, the DIAMOND 12. features a high-performance 150mm (6.5”) KlarityTM driver for extended, tight bass, and a superb 25mm (1”) woven polyester dome tweeter for open and smoothly extended high frequencies.


NAD D 3045 Integrated Amplifier

The NAD D 3045 is our choice for an easy-to-use, quality, integrated amplifier with digital streaming capabilities built-in and for under $1000.

The D 3045 is everything a modern amplifier should be; compact, energy efficient, powerful, silent, High Resolution capable, and packed with cutting edge features like DSD and MQA playback. NAD’s expertise in both digital and analog engineering is on full display in this flexible and affordable amplifier.

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