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The desire to make reproduced music as lifelike as possible inspired Transparent more than 30 years ago. For decades, audio professionals, audiophiles, and music lovers from all over the world have highly coveted Transparent Audio, Video, and Digital Cables, Power Cords, and Power Conditioners to work together to link all types of music and film systems in perfect harmony. Our passion is to help customers build better systems and get more musical enjoyment from their systems as the systems grow and evolve.


Cables and power cords are the longest signal paths in audio and video systems. They act like antennas and pick up noise. Removing noise not only makes your listening and viewing experiences more involving, but it also leaves more energy for your components to perform at their best. Transparent products are the result of a relentless, decades-long pursuit to remove noise.

Purpose Built

Audio, digital, and power signals have very different requirements to pass as accurately and as efficiently as possible from one component to another. Frequency, current, voltage, and impedance requirements apply uniquely to each, and each demands very different approaches to cable design, shielding, grounding schemes, terminations, and networks. Every Transparent design requires numerous prototypes and hours of listening and refining to get it right.


Transparent’s objective is to make sure that cabling has as little impact as possible on the performance potential of the system. This problem is more complex than it appears, particularly when it comes to transferring audio frequencies. Different lengths and different types of audio cables have different electrical characteristics. These differing electrical characteristics, no matter how small and incidental they may seem, affect the performance of the various components they link and the fundamental musical character of a system. Also, regardless of how short the cables are in a system, they are still the longest signal path.


Transparent applied the techniques and design insights gained during the development of our ultimate design, MAGNUM OPUS, to our entire collection of products. Starting with basic interconnects and speaker cables, each Transparent product has inherited its share of MAGNUM OPUS DNA. Because of our decades of research and development, Transparent is able to provide predictable and measured levels of musicality at each performance level.

Transparent is different from the rest. We don’t just offer better materials and a different type of sound and call it a performance upgrade. Progressing from one Transparent performance level to the next provides a more musically involving listening experience, not just different sound.


Explore the entire suite of Transparent products that will help the components in your system  play in perfect harmony. Start to improve your system by upgrading it with an appropriate musicality level of Transparent Audio Cables throughout because audio cables establish the fundamental musicality of an audio system. Then take an even bigger step forward in solidifying the  performance of your system by adding level-associated source cables such as phono and digital cables. Finally adding Transparent Power Cords and Power Conditioners will give your system all the clean, quiet, and unfettered power your components crave.

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Audio Equipment
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