The Progression M550 Mono Amplifier combines two normally exclusive traits—remarkable power output and exquisite musical finesse. Power is essential to great sound reproduction. The significant power output of the Progression M550 Mono Amplifier provides the unflappable power source required for distortion-free driver motion. Of course, the amplifiers will play loud but it is the control of the speaker drivers that distinguish these amplifiers from typical designs.


Sharing much of the same topology and housing from its bigger brother, the Progression S350 Stereo Amplifier is a perfect option when the Progression M550 Mono Amplifiers are beyond the requirements for a given listening environment or loudspeaker. A dedicated stereo input stage is employed to maximize the performance of the Progression amplifier output circuitry. If circumstances change, the Progression S350 Stereo Amplifier may be upgraded to the Progression M550 Mono Amplifier.


Driving an amplifier properly is an absolutely essential job in a high performance audio system. It requires a preamplifier to do this correctly and not simply a volume control. The Progression Preamplifier is the perfect choice for this job for thisa job when using the Progression M550 or Progression S350 amplifiers. Pairing the Progression Preamplifier with the Progression M550 or Progression S350 amplifiers completes the Progression system and creates a formidable electronics choice for any system.


The Progression Integrated adds another level of performance, feature set, and convenience to the D’Agostino product lineup. Potent power output, rich detailed sound, and optional modules combine into a platform that offers the sound quality and convenience that is unmatched in a one piece solution. The aesthetic and sound quality of the Progression Integrated Amplifier delivers the full D’Agostino experience in an elegant and flexible package.


No name is more closely associated with high-end audio amplifiers than that of Dan D’Agostino. During his career of more than 35 years, D’Agostino pioneered countless advances in the design of amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, and surround-sound processors. He is known as the audio industry’s most passionate promoter of high-quality, high-powered amplification. Makers of the world’s finest loudspeakers rely on D’Agostino-designed amplifiers for their most important demonstrations.

Dan D’Agostino was founder and chief engineer of Krell Industries through 2009. Since the inception of DDMAS in 2011, energized with a new organization and new state-of-the-art designs, the products that bear his name not only achieve new levels of sound quality, they also look like nothing else in the industry. The new designs combine an elegant aesthetic flair coupled to inventive circuit topologies and innovative materials.

Starting with the Momentum Mono amplifier, the D’Agostino product line now extends upwards to the awe inspiring Relentless Mono amplifier and outwards to the new Progression Integrated amplifier. The Relentless Mono Amplifier is an all-out assault on the amplifier category. Capable of driving any speaker to its fullest capability, the extraordinary power output of the Relentless Mono is only matched by its sublime low volume sound quality. The Progression Integrated amplifier connects the high-performance core of D’Agostino products to the exciting world of streaming audio with Tidal, Quobuz, and Spotify services as standard offerings.

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