Rega Planar 6

Award winning performance? Check.

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Award winning style? Check.

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Meet the newest addition to Rega’s line of award winning turntables

The Hits:

  • Separate power supply unit (Neo PSU)
  • Two speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm
  • Classic turntable look
  • Built to last

The Deep Cuts:

The Planar 6 foam core plinth is made of aerospace industry material Tan-Cast 8 polyurethane, encased in High Pressure Laminate. These cutting edge materials are what give the P6 its signature light weight and robustness.

The aluminum hub, coming in contact with a few points on the turntable’s glass platter, allows for optimal rigidity and isolation. The RB330 tonearm boasts zero tolerance bearings and comes equipped with Rega’s Exact* cartridge. 

Complementing this high performance turntable is the Neo power supply, which aids in eliminating sonic artifacts. 

*Additional cartridges available


Call us for more information on the Rega line and our latest availability, or to schedule a demo!  626-793-7229

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