Sennheiser HD 660S2



Enjoy your music on a completely new level. An intimate, relaxed sound signature combines with outstanding precision and exceptional comfort — and now, extended sub bass — for a deeply moving experience.

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Your new desert island headphone

Every high-end headphone has its own unique personality. What if you could only own one?

Sub bass expands the entire sound

Double the sub bass heightens your listening experience.

They feel as great as they sound

Comfy slippers, your favorite jeans, the HD 660S2. Some things just feel awesome to wear.

How do you one-up a line of legends?

Some of the most neutral headphones in the world are a tough act to follow.


  • Uniquely powerful vented magnet system for minimized distortion
  • Intimate sound with great timbre and deep, accurate sub bass
  • Outstanding quality designed in Germany, made in Ireland
  • Ultra-light aluminum voice coil with 300-ohm impedance for excellent impulse response
  • Plush ear cushions and open design for maximum comfort
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