by Ian Forte


Listening to vinyl has been all the rage lately. A lot of people are interested in joining the turntable craze, but have no idea where to start. Your friends at Audio Element are here to help!

We offer several “turnkey turntable systems” that are set up to fill a variety of needs at different price points for our clients. We classify our turnkey systems as everything you need to get started: turntable, amp, speakers, and all the cables you need to go along with it. This week we are going to focus on our entry-level Carbon system…

Our signature Ae “Carbon” package comes with a Music Hall USB-1 turntable, a Pro-Ject StereoBox integrated amplifier, and Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers. This system is the easiest and most affordable way to get started on your musical journey! The turntable features an on-board phonostage, as well as a USB output, so you can connect it to your computer and burn your favorite vinyl records into digital files. The StereoBox amp is our most compact integrated amplifier, offering 25 watts per channel with 2 distinct inputs, meaning you could plug an additional source (TV, phone, etc.) into your system. The Diamond 220 speakers are the bookshelf model of Wharfedale’s famous Diamond line, and can pack a punch better than anything else in their class. The whole system retails for $895 and is the perfect gateway for any music-lover ready to jump into the hi-fi world!

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