Clearaudio Concept Wood



Nearly identical to the ground-breaking Concept table; Concept Wood features a baltic birch, constrained layer plinth that is stunning, visually and sonically.

Available in a light or dark wood finish


The Clearaudio Concept Wood meets the highest standards – for the love of music.

The orientation of the Concept Wood is as purpose-oriented and user-friendly as you can wish, as all the parameters of the individual components of the concept have already been carefully set at the factory.

The core of the drive body consists of medium dense wood fiber or high pressure compacted solid wood layers. The look of the coat is made to match in four different colors and structures. The upper layer of the drive is made of special satined plastic. This composition enables the minimization of resonances.

The turntable is driven by a flat flat belt driven by a fully decoupled DC motor to avoid the transmission of noise. The power supply takes over a generously dimensioned, highly stable outsourced power supply.

The tonearm has a wear-free and maintenance-free magnetic bearing without friction. The combination with the high-quality Clearaudio MM and MC Concept pickup is completed (upgrade is possible at any time).

With the Concept Wood we offer you an innovative drive at unbeatable attractive conditions.

If you’re in the Southern California area you can check out the Concept inside the shop!

If you need help with our online store please call our friendly sales staff at (626) 793 7229 and we’d be happy to guide you!

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 8 in
Design Principle

Resonance-optimized drive, drive body made of medium-density wood fiber or compressed high-pressure solid wood layers, look of the jacket in different colors and structures available, with top layer of specially satined plastic

Speed Range

33 1/3, 45 rpm (78 rpm optional)


Decoupled and extremely smooth-running DC motor, drive with ground flat belt, plug-in power supply designed for worldwide use for all networks and mains frequencies


Polished and hardened steel bearing in a bronze bushing, running on a teflon mirror

Platter Material

Black POM, 30 mm thick, aluminum subtable


Max. Power consumption: 1.5 watts
In operation: .5 watts
Off: 0 watts


7.5 kg

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