Transparent – Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link



Substantial performance at an accessible price, the Performance Digital cable from Transparent is a welcome addition to your digital system!


Transparent Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link delivers substantial performance at a very accessible price. A precision extruded polyethylene foam dielectric insulates the heavy, polished, solid core OFHC center conductor. Two high coverage OFHC braided shields separated by a Mylar coated foil shield keep noise out and complete the tightly specified 75-ohm cable package. Coaxial RCAs that make 360-degree contact with the inner shield maintain the impedance of the cable at the termination point, thereby reducing jitter.


Transparent’s in-house design and engineering team are all musicians and music lovers. All final design decisions start with engineering theory that is refined in practice as a result of long-term, carefully documented listening experiences on a wide variety of different components in the Transparent Studio. Sources include master tapes of performances the team has attended and a library of over 14,000 digital and analog albums. Tonal Balance, Dynamic Range, and Space are the listening criteria the design team uses to determine whether a new project is approaching the ability to transfer music with all the quintessential characteristics of music played live.

You can listen to our selection of Transparent cables inside the shop the next time you’re in the Southern California area!

If you’re looking for additional terminations or customized lengths please call the store at (626) 793 7229

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 9 × 3 in
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