Transparent – Premium Ethernet (CAT 6)



Top of the class CAT 6 Ethernet cable from Transparent, Premium Ethernet maintains signal integrity and bandwidth and keeps noise levels low, creating an accurate representation for you music.


Premium Ethernet is designed for audio components that send and receive music signals through a Local Area Network (LAN), such as a Network Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard drive, music server, or a computer used for musical storage and streaming. The advanced CAT 6 construction of Premium Ethernet maintains signal integrity and bandwidth and keeps noise levels low to accurately transfer the full richness and dynamic range of network-based music. Sturdy, gold-plated Ethernet connectors maintain a tight and reliable connection, and precision termination techniques insure accurate digital signal transfer.

The large-gauge, polished, solid-core conductors have greater surface area than typical network cables resulting in superior digital signal transfer at lengths up to 100 meters. Precision-extruded, low-noise dielectric maintains ideal propagation speed and reduces signal losses.


Transparent’s in-house design and engineering team are all musicians and music lovers. All final design decisions start with engineering theory that is refined in practice as a result of long-term, carefully documented listening experiences on a wide variety of different components in the Transparent Studio. Sources include master tapes of performances the team has attended and a library of over 14,000 digital and analog albums. Tonal Balance, Dynamic Range, and Space are the listening criteria the design team uses to determine whether a new project is approaching the ability to transfer music with all the quintessential characteristics of music played live.

You can listen to our selection of Transparent cables inside the shop the next time you’re in the Southern California area!

If you’re looking for additional terminations or customized lengths please call the store at (626) 793 7229

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