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Here at Audio Element, we have spent countless hours listening to all the best equipment in the world, giving us an informed view of what the best gear is at every price point imaginable. This allows us to decide what we want to carry in store and put our names behind, as well as to identify the best-sounding equipment that is going to provide the highest value to our customers. This knowledge has afforded us the opportunity to pair together certain pieces of equipment to curate “turn-key” packages for anyone just getting started on their hi-fi journey and looking for a jumping off point.

In honor of our 10 year anniversary, each of our packages has been revamped, and now feature some of the best pairings we’ve ever been able to put together. From bigger amplifiers to more sophisticated speakers, we’ve taken a harder look at every aspect of our packages to see where we could make improvements, and can proudly say these are the most finely curated systems we’ve ever been able to present to our customers.



The Carbon package gives you all the building blocks you need for a solid listening experience! Featuring an easy-to-use Music Hall turntable, Wharfedale Speakers, and an NAD amp that also has a bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to seamlessly swap between vinyl listening and streaming at the press of a button. You’ve never heard your music sound like this before!



The Helium package will lift you up into the world of hi-fi, without breaking the bank! Featuring the Rega Planar 1 turntable, and digital streaming via the Leak 130 amp, all pumped through the Wharfedale Diamond speakers, you’ll feel as though you’re listening to your system from the clouds above.



Light up your listening experience with the Neon Package! Proudly boasting the Rega Planar 2 turntable, this package also features Leak Stereo 230 integrated amp, which effortlessly powers the legendary Wharfedale Denton Heritage series speakers, giving you the warm glow you never knew you needed. Let Neon illuminate your music for you.



The Argon package aims to show you your music in a new light! Stepping up to the Rega Planar 3, this system also adds a Bluesound Node, allowing you to stream all your favorite music over your home network! The warm tube sound from the Rogue Audio Sphinx beautifully powers the Wharfedale Linton Heritage speakers, highlighting this system’s robust versatility. Much like Argon is the most abundant of the noble gases, this package is our most popular system!


In our 10 years of doing this, we’ve come up with a handful of excellent “turn-key” packages that feature everything one would need to get a system going: a turntable, an amplifier, a pair of speakers, and all the cabling you’ll need to go with it! Each system features a way to stream music digitally through your system, either via Bluetooth or through your  network. Our Pasadena showroom displays every one of these packages – which start at $1495 and go up from there, all shown right next to each other for easy A/B demoing.


"The team at Audio Element spent the time with me to help design a system that would be perfect for my home and for the collection of records I’ve compiled over the years. I went in with one concept for what I wanted, but after sitting me down and playing records on all the equipment in the store, I left with a system that is customized to be perfect in my home. Also, they’ve been super helpful if I have questions about my system. I’m so happy with the setup and I can’t thank them enough."
"I've always loved music and have been interested in audio equipment, but I had never known anything outside of Best Buy. I was visiting a friend in LA and he took me to Audio Element. I was awestruck as soon as I entered the store. The staff was very nice and were quick to show me the stereo set ups and explain all of the details of each component. They let me pick out a record to play and I sat down and listened and instantly knew I needed this in my life. I live several hours away from the store, but I got their email and was able to purchase everything with ease and had it shipped right to my home. I have made a few more purchases since then via email and every time the experience is fantastic. They take their time, answer my questions and make it so easy. The only downside to me finding Audio Element is the fact that I'll probably continue to spend way too much money with them!!"
"Placed a phone order because I live in an extremely remote area and the service was wonderful! My order arrived quickly! Eli answered all my questions and when it came to set up, he talked me through the process. I'm sitting here listening to Dave Brubeck and the sound is amazing! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone interested in purchasing a new sound system!”
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