To create engaging audio experiences for music lovers.

We are passionate about music!  Our goal is to help you experience music like never before. With our expert setup and carefully chosen audio products, we can help you find your own audio element – your place where music inspires, excites and feeds your soul.


Audio Element is the product of a well-established and respected tradition of quality in home audio.

Owner and founder, Brian Berdan began his interest in high end audio at an early age apprenticing from his late father Brooks Berdan, who was considered by many to be the master of turntables and home audio setup. Now, Brian is the master and has learned the essentials of quality music playback,equipment pairing, speaker voicing/setup, and the rare skill of proper setup of turntables.

“An inexpensive turntable properly set up will sound better than an expensive turntable improperly set up.”

This specialized knowledge catapults Audio Element into a new generation of home audio stores. Ask an expert, call us or come in to our Pasadena showroom, and let us put our expertise to work for you!

Audio Equipment - Audio Element

Brian was born an audiophile, and his exposure to countless hi-fi systems and hours of listening have produced a well-trained ear. It was this experience coupled with his passion for mechanical precision that helped him excel in his turntable and system setup. With a desire to build upon the core of his dad’s successful roots, and a vision of what a current audio store should be, he opened Audio Element in 2013 to share great music and sound with the masses. When he’s not immersed in audio, he’s racing motorcycles, cycling, wakeboarding, and spending time with his family.

Our team

A school choir gal, Jennifer sings to most anything and anyone. You can tell when she’s in a good mood by the volume at which she will belt out her tunes. When she met Brian in 1997, she happily accepted the life of hi-fi, listening to music in a way she never knew existed. She loves listening to loud rock and pop during dance parties in her living room!

A passionate musician and music lover, Ian has spent the last 8 years of his career in the world of high-fidelity audio, gaining extensive experience in both retail and distribution. His hi-fi journey began at Audio Element, where he started in an entry-level sales position, demonstrating a passion for high quality musical playback and its potential to provide a transformative experience. Ian eventually branched out with the goal of gaining experiential knowledge in a different sector of the industry, by accepting a sales role with respected hi-fi distributor, MoFi Distribution. During his time in distribution, Ian was entrusted with managing an expansive network of retailers spanning the western half of the United States. After returning to Audio Element in late 2019, Ian brought with him a newfound understanding of the industry, and a new sense of what was possible for Audio Element. Ian could not be more proud to be a part of the AE team, and remains committed to delivering exceptional audio experiences to newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Jesus Garcia is a music enthusiast who’s turned his love for sound into a career. He studied Music Production at the University of West London and has been crafting his path in the field ever since.

When he’s not working, Jesus can be found enjoying vinyl records as he loves collecting samples and sounds that inspire his music creations.

In his spare time, Jesus goes by the name ‘Random Jesus’ and shares his music with the world. 

In all his endeavors, Jesus Garcia’s love for music is evident. Whether it’s producing, collecting vinyl, or making his own tunes, he’s living his dream in the world of sound.

A Pasadena native, Eli is a lover of music and loves sharing that passion with anyone that should walk into our showroom. Before joining Audio Element, Eli spent 12 years in a Marketing and Sales role with America’s Tires, which gave him great insight into effective sales strategies, and taught him how to properly navigate customer’s wishes and fulfill their needs. An avid golfer, Eli also spent 5 years as an Assistant Manager at Brookside Golf Course, a Pasadena staple nestled right next to the Rose Bowl. Aside from his role in Sales at Audio Element, Eli also excels at art and photography, and frequently lends his talents to the company in the form of illustrations, graphic design, and promotional videos. Eli understands that for many, the process of getting into Hi-Fi can be intimidating – but with his welcoming and warm approach, getting beautiful sound in your home has never been easier. In his own words, Eli proclaims, “I spend a great deal of time in this space, so to me this is my second home. Anyone that walks through our door will be treated like they have come in to my home.“

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